ghidini 1961 


A life-affirming parade of all brass furniture pieces is a highly amplified extension of something we’re always longing for. Sultry heat, palm trees and ocean views, all closely, deliciously controlled and according to script. Available in four finishes – the golden, the silver, the pink copper / rose gold, the black nickel – these pieces instantly evoke stardust-spangled memories of exotic empires past.

Take me to Miami is a call to remember how the colonial sun sank into the horizon of the modern. It is an ornamented escapade, a holiday the Late Modern took to get those magic, untapped powers to do what they should have done the first time around back in the 50’s. Naturally, the collection wouldn’t be a Nika Zupanc without a proper injection of fantastical allure – a titillating triumph that turns the spirit of endless summer malaise into excitement, and distanced detachment into a visceral desire to shop, to have, to run your hands over exquisitely polished surfaces.




Zupanc has now joined a select handful of illustrious designers to represent Stefano Giovannoni’s mission to create emotionally charged objects accessible to wider audiences everywhere, giving voice to the things that cannot be told. A romantic, democratic and unconventional adventure the design world most definitely needs. 

Alongside the new daisy-shaped lamp four of Nika’s existing designs have gone in for a stripping down back to basics, for a consummate production-driven plastic makeover. The X chair, now in a straight black injection-molded construction, boasts a host of seat and back fully customizable configurations. The Scarlet Table again turns things on their lovely heads, all shiny, smooth and a just a little diabolical. Ribbon chair, a one-off design for Dior back in 2013 returns all wrapped up in three lustrous shades. And Black Cherry lamp, originally fashioned from glass and brass is now also ripe for picking in a new, smaller high-gloss pop incarnation. 



Nika Zupanc at Milano Design Week with Sè!

The third year of a fruitful collaboration between our studio and Sè, an european brand that aims to create heirlooms of the future, brought to life a number of new objects, such as floor Full moon lamp, Mini & Petite Whisper box and two new members of Stay family, The Stay barstool and Stay bench. 

The exhibition in a beautiful gallery at Rossana Orlandi also revealed the reach world of numerous colours and finishes that brought to life the essence of all the exhibited designs